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Chef’s Soup of the Day Homemade soup, served with warm roll & butter £3.95
Chef’s Chicken Liver Pâté Homemade pâté, served with toast £4.50
Baked Cheeses with Apple Crisps Goats cheese, Brie and Cheddar cheese, served on a bed of leaves dressed with basil oil & served with apple crisps £4.75
Black Pudding Stack Layers of black pudding, bacon, tomatoes & cheese, served on a bed of leaves £4.50
Traditional Prawn Cocktail Succulent prawns in a Marie Rose sauce, served with brown bread & butter £4.75
Battered Mushrooms Served with a garlic mayonnaise dip £4.50
Garlic Pizza Bread Plain £3.00
  Cheese £3.25
  Tomato £3.25
  Pesto £3.25


Rump Steak 12oz £12.75
  8oz £9.50
Sirloin Steak 8oz £10.75
  Peppercorn, Diane, blue cheese or red wine & mushroom sauce extra £2.50
Steak Platter* 6oz rump steak, potato wedges, onion rings, tomato, mushrooms, prawn skewer or crispy Cajun chicken £13.25


All steaks are approximate weights prior to cooking and are garnished with grilled tomato, mushrooms & onion rings
10oz Gammon Steak With fried egg & fresh pineapple


Barnsley Chop Grilled in a raspberry & mint marinade


Handmade Beef Burger Served with chips & salad garnish*  
  Plain burger £5.25
  Vegetable burger £5.25
  Double plain or double vegetable £6.95
Create your own with extra toppings Chilli, cheese, mushrooms, Stilton, Brie, bacon, onion rings or egg  
  Each topping £0.75


Butterflied Chicken Breast Butterflied chicken breast smothered in chef’s creamy garlic mushroom sauce or cacciatore sauce £8.95
Trio of Sausages* Trio of butcher’s sausages served in a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with wholegrain mustard mash, served with onion gravy £7.95
Black Majik Beef Braising steak slowly cooked in Guinness with garlic & onions


Chicken Tikka Masala* Served with naan bread, rice and mango chutney


Homemade Suet Pudding With Lamb and Mint* or Mushroom & Stilton*Served with gravy, chips and mushy peas £7.95
Homemade Steak, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie Succulent pieces of beef, slowly cooked in red wine with mushrooms £7.95
Traditional Roast Dinner * Beef or lamb with Yorkshire pudding, roasted & new potatoes, fresh vegetables & gravy £7.95
Beef Lasagne* Lasagne verdi with minced beef in a tomato & Béchamel sauce, served with salad & garlic bread £7.50


Beer Battered Cod* Cod fillet in chef’s own beer batter, served with chips & garden or mushy peas £7.95
Salmon Fillet Either served plain, with a Thermidor sauce or crusted with garlic pesto or spicy Cajun £9.25
Breaded King Prawns With a tartare or sweet chilli sauce £9.25
Homemade Fish Pie* A classic dish with a mashed potato topping served with salad £8.25

All main course dishes not marked * are served with a choice of chips, jacket or new potatoes& seasonal vegetables or salad.


Children’s Menu (only available for children under 8) £4.25
  Choice of either: chicken nuggets, sausages, fish fingers or pizza  
  all served with chips & beans with ice cream to follow £5.25
Small Appetites (all served with chips & peas except marked *)  
  Choice of either: gammon steak, 4oz rump steak,  


Topped Fries Chips or spicy curly fries topped with: chilli & cheese, BBQ chicken & cheese, roasted pesto vegetables & mozzarella, bacon & Brie or Stilton & mushroom £4.25
All Day Breakfast Bacon, sausage, black pudding, hash brown, fried egg, grilled tomato, baked beans, mushrooms & toast or fried bread £4.95
Ham, Eggs & Chips   £6.95
Salad Bowls Tossed salad with a choice of 2 toppings from the following: plain or garlic chicken, bacon, pan-fried potatoes, prawns, flaked salmon, sliced ham or beef, spicy wedges, tuna mayonnaise, Brie pieces, goats cheese, Stilton or boiled egg. £5.95
Extra toppings Ask for homemade dressings, chutneys and croutons £0.75
Traditional Ploughmans Ham, cheese & pâté served with sweet pickle, salad & crusty bread £6.25
Platter to Share Crispy mushrooms, spicy wedges, Cajun chicken, breaded cheese & garlic bread with assorted dips £6.95


Freshly oven cooked, served with salad

Plain £3.95

Tuna mayonnaise £4.50

Beans £4.25

Chilli & sour cream £4.75

Prawns £4.95

Coleslaw £4.25

Cheese £4.50

Cheese & bacon £4.75

Roasted veg & pesto £4.75

Creamy garlic mushrooms £4.50

Extra topping £0.75


Hot baguette, muffin or panini with chips & salad   £5.75
Hot baguette, muffin or panini with salad & crisps   £5.25
  Steak melt with onions & mushrooms  
  Gammon & pineapple melt  
  Bacon, lettuce & tomato  
  BBQ chicken melt with smoked Cheddar  
  Cajun chicken  
  Tuna melt  
  Brie & red onion chutney  
  Roasted vegetables with pesto  
  Hot beef & onions  
  Hot lamb & mint gravy  
  Bacon & Brie  


Cold baguette, triple decker sandwich or muffin with salad & coleslaw   £5.00
  Sweet chilli chicken  
  Beef & horseradish  
  Tuna mayonnaise  
  Prawn Marie Rose  
  Mix cheese & pickle  
  Chicken & pesto  
  Egg mayonnaise  
  Ham & sliced egg  


Chips   £2.50
Curly fries   £2.75
Wedges   £2.75
Buttered muffin   £0.75
Bread roll & butter   £0.75
Onion rings   £1.95
Mushrooms   £1.75
Coleslaw   £1.75
Fresh vegetables   £1.95
Side salad   £1.95


Due to the nature of the product there may be bones in fish dishes. Some dishes may contain nuts

If you have food allergies, please advise us so we can change your meal accordingly.

Vegans catered for on request. As all our food is fresh & cooked to order, there may be a delay during busy periods.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT



Monday – Thursday

12.00 noon – 2.30pm

2 courses £6.25

3 courses £7.50

It is always advisable to reserve a table in advance. For parties of 10 or more we prefer to have a pre-order to avoid a delay.


12.00 noon – 9.00pm

2 courses £8.95

3 courses £10.95


Available Mon – Fri evenings, order before 7pm

2 courses £8.50

3 courses £10.00